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Bruno pays out cash for cutlass attack


Garfield “Bruno” Nero, a labourer of Campden Park, appearing at the High Court in Kingstown on Wednesday on a charge of unlawful and malicious wounding, was fined $2000 to be paid by the July 31 or spend five years in prison. He also has to pay compensation of $4000 by September 30 or in default spend five years at this state’s male penitentiary.{{more}}

Nero was accused of chopping Godfrey McDonald, also of the same address, on his head with a cutlass on May 9, 2004 at Campden Park.

In McDonald’s testimony to the court, he said that around 7 a.m. he was transporting sand from the main road in a wheelbarrow to his sister’s house. McDonald said that he took a rest and went to a shop to purchase a mint and cigarette where he met Nero. “I tried to go and talk to him and he just start arguing with me,” said McDonald.

McDonald said after the argument stopped, he returned to his sister’s yard. He went on to explain, “While I was carrying sand, I saw someone standing in front the wheelbarrow.” He said Nero raised the cutlass from behind his back and chopped him in his head. “I had to run for my life, I went to my sister’s house for safety,” said McDonald.

In Nero’s testimony, he said that he was sitting at the shop when McDonald came and spoke to him. “We went into the mountain to plant some weed and Godfrey didn’t want to give me my cut.” Nero said McDonald threatened him by saying, “I go dig out yo next eye.” He added that McDonald came with a shovel to hit him, then a scuffle ensued. He said they both fell on the ground and he managed to get the shovel from him. “After I got the shovel I pelt it after him and it catch him in he head.”

Under cross-examination by the Director of Public Prosecution, Colin Williams, Nero admitted that McDonald was actually 10 feet away from him when he pelted the shovel.

Just as Justice Frederick Bruce Lyle was about to give his summation, Nero immediately changed his plea to guilty. “I am sorry my Lordship, please forgive me.” “This is a charge that carries a lifetime penalty, you are lucky you changed your plea to guilty or I was going to send you away for a long time,” said Justice Bruce-Lyle. The judge also urged Nero to “stop this chopping up and find something meaningful to do.”