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17 year-old on cannabis charge


Mike Jack, a 17 year-old labourer was charged $150 to be paid by June 16 or he would in default, spend six weeks at her Majesty’s Prison.

Jack was charged for being in possession of 13 grams of cannabis at Dickson on the 10 June 2006.

When the dread-locked youngster entered the defendant’s box before Senior Magistrate, Carl Joseph at the Magistrate Court on Monday, he pleaded guilty to the charge.{{more}}

“Why do you smoke?” asked Magistrate Joseph. “Well in my village me na ha nutin fo do, so me jus tek ah smoke.” The young boy told the court that he had only been smoking for a couple of months.

When asked where did he get the cannabis, he replied, “Me get the weed from ah bredrin ah mine.” However, before Jack’s sentence was read to him, the Magistrate told him not to follow bad company and stop living his life like that.