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Glen man jailed for marijuana

Glen man jailed for marijuana


A young man of Glen has learnt that he cannot out-swim a speedboat, and Union Island police are singing the praises of two security guards from Mayreau. Owen Isaacs and Aaron Alexander’s quick work led to the apprehension and later charge and conviction of Keon Scott, on a drug related offence. {{more}}

Scott was sentenced to 20 months imprisonment last Tuesday, May 2, after he was found guilty of having in his possession over 900 grams of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. He will serve a further six months for breaking a two-year bond that he was serving from the Calliaqua Magistrate’s Court for a theft incident.

Searchlight has learned that Scott was on his way to Union Island last Friday aboard the MV Gem Star when he got wind that the authorities were on to him. He jumped overboard just off the coast of Mayreau and attempted to make his getaway.

The security officers who had already been tipped off by Union Island police pursued the suspect aboard a speedboat, apprehended him and made the 15-minute journey to Union Island where he was turned over to the police. He then identified his bag aboard the ferry and during a search of the bag, the illegal drugs were found.

Scott was then arrested and transported to St. Vincent to answer the charges that led to his subsequent prison sentence.