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$400 or 6 weeks in jail for cannabis


Vincent Tommy, a labourer of Georgetown, has until the 28 April to come up with $400 or in default spend six weeks at her Majesty’s Prison. Tommy was charged for having ninety-four grams of cannabis in his possession. {{more}}

When the dreadlocked man appeared last Wednesday before Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman, he didn’t waste a minute of the court’s time as he entered a guilty plea.

Reports state that on the 28 March 2006 at about six p.m. Tommy was seen by Police Officers driving across the Rabacca Dry River. The Policemen who were on mobile patrol were driving in the opposite direction when they saw Tommy and signaled him to stop. He, however, ignored the command and continued along his way. The Police turned round their vehicle and finally caught up with him.

Ninety-four grams of cannabis was found in a backpack which Tommy had at the time. Defense Lawyer Carl Glasgow represented Tommy on the matter.