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Six Years for Sex Offender

Six Years for Sex Offender


Myron Brazel or David Cole as he is also known will spend the next six years of his life at her Majesty’s Prison.

Brazel, a 49-year-old resident of Lodge Village, was convicted on counts of abduction and indecent assault on a seven-year old girl on May 27, 2005. A nine-member grand jury consisting of three men and six women found Brazel guilty on both counts last Friday at the High Court in Kingstown. {{more}}

Brazel is said to have abducted the little girl who was six at the time from behind the Post Office in Kingstown and carried her to the back of the British American Building.

The trial heard that the child was returning from lunch when she met Brazel who offered her a pack of peanuts. He then grabbed her and carried her to the back of the British American Building. It is said that Brazel embraced her and placed her in his lap.

Tamika DaSilva, a witness and employee at the British American Company, said that she was having lunch when she saw Brazel and the young girl come to the back of her office building and sit on the steps. She said she saw him pull out a pack of peanuts from his pocket and give it to the little girl. She also mentioned that she saw him pulling the girl towards him . DaSilva said another co-worker came and saw what was happening and shouted, “What’s happening there?” and Brazel replied, “Is me cousin, is me cousin. Wha’ happen?” DaSilva said after the exchange of words between him and her co-worker, he fled the scene and the girl walked away crying.

In the little girl’s evidence she said, “He hold me hand and carried me behind the building and bin want me sit on he lap.” When asked by Justice Gertel Thom how she felt, she replied, “I did feel bad.”

Brazel was not legally represented and declined to give evidence in his defence. However, in the absence of the jury he took it upon himself to enter a no case submission. He pointed out that the evidence given in the case by DaSilva and the child was fabricated. His no case submission was dismissed by Justice Thom. Before sentencing, Brazel said he was very remorseful for his act, “I’d like to be given a chance in life, which I never had. I’m a committed Christian.” His sentences will run concurrently.