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Man fined for assault


Vanberg Young of Calder Ridge, last Thursday appeared before Magistrate Carl Joseph after he was charged August 19, for assaulting Police Officer Rodney Harry at Little Tokyo.

The Kingstown Magistrate’s Court was told that Young and another man got into a scuffle at Little Tokyo. {{more}}Young had a knife on him at the time. Police Officer Harry intervened to settle the dispute, and Young chucked Harry repeatedly in his chest.

Young, who was apprehended on the spot and taken to the Central Police Station, said in his statement to the court that during the skirmish with the other man he was stabbed on his right side. He claimed he had to wait a long period before receiving any medical attention while in police custody.

Magistrate Joseph however imposed a bond that the accused keeps the peace for two years or pays $300 and go to jail for three months.