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Dieton’s threats not welcomed by cops


Dieton Welcome, a 29-year-old businessman of Richmond Hill, was given a three month sentence suspended for one year and made to pay $200 for the use of indecent language when he appeared in Kingstown before Magistrate Carlyle Dougan on two charges.

The man’s use of indecent language was not quite so welcomed by law officers who charged him with the use of indecent language and common assault on Prison Officer Wesley Robinson on August 29. {{more}}

Welcome’s brush with the law came at about 10:25 a.m. when he was passing through the Girl’s High School where prisoners were at work at the time.

He reportedly said: “Alyo way going arn? Ah ha ah piece ah weed fo throw fo yo but de turn key dem watching.”

Officer Robinson intervened and told Welcome to go his way but the accused replied, “You can’t do me nothing, yo want me kill yo mudda (expletive)”.

Prison Officer Robinson stated that after all this occurred, Welcome went his way, but returned to where the officer was and continued his onslaught of words: “Yo war’ ah ring some shot in yo’ mudda (expletive).”

He then pushed the officer in his chest. Luckily another prison officer came to the aid of his counterpart and handcuffed Welcome. The police was called and Welcome was arrested and charged.

The charge of assault was suspended due to no evidence of the force used.