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Bajan, Vincy caught with drugs

Bajan, Vincy caught with drugs


Possession of cannabis has cost Otis Dorset, a 26-year-old electrician of Mt. Grenan, $6,000 and the prospect of one year in jail. He was given three months to pay the fine, or will go to jail for one year. {{more}}

Dorset was jointly charged with Sonny Elcock, a 28 year old labourer of Barbados for possession of 50 pounds of cannabis with intent to supply to another and for having 50 pounds of cannabis for the purpose of exportation without a license.

On August 26, Dorset was at the E.T Joshua airport at about 5:28 p.m. when an officer on duty noticed the accused acting suspiciously. He went over to Dorset and identified himself as a police officer and asked to see his travel documents. Dorset had a ticket on LIAT Flight 378 for Barbados.

When the officer questioned him more, he ran through the LIAT office and into the street where he was caught, arrested and charged. He was taken to the Narcotics Division where his suitcase was searched. The drugs were found in the suitcase. He also had EC$703 in his possession. He gave a statement to the police and admitted the drugs were his.

When Dorset appeared before Senior Magistrate Carlyle Dougan last Wednesday, he pleaded guilty to both charges while Elcock maintained a not guilty plea. Lawyer Grant Connell represented Dorset on the matter.