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Bequia woman must pay $8,000 to avoid prison


Monique Roland, a 25-year-old Bequia native, has to pay another $8,000 by today, Friday, August 26, if she wants to avoid going to prison for one year.

Roland pleaded guilty when she appeared before Senior Magistrate Carl Joseph at the Magistrate’s Court in Kingstown last Tuesday and was fined $20,000. {{more}}

She paid $12,000 on the spot.

“I have been caught. I suppose to carry it to England for someone to collect. I was promised $5,000,” confessed the woman.

She was arrested on August 17, 2005 at the E. T. Joshua Airport and charged with having in her possession 1052 grams of cocaine with intent to supply to another.

Roland, married and living in the United States of America, was home on a visit.

According to information from the court, police officer PC518 Pedro Harry observed that Roland was acting nervously and noting something unorthodox about her suitcase, suspected it had been tampered with. He then approached and asked to see her passport and airline ticket.

She was taken to the Narcotics Division where a search was conducted resulting in two cans labeled Redi Burger containing the taped packages of cocaine being found between her clothes.

Meanwhile all her travel documents are being held until the full fine is paid.