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Males dominate 381 prison population


The prison population in St. Vincent and the Grenadines stands at 381. Males dominate that figure with 372 men behind the walls.

Magistrates sentenced 191 male convicts, and 119 were jailed from High Court hearings.{{more}}

There are 35 men awaiting preliminary investigations and 27 awaiting trial.

There are 22 men on murder charges.

Eight women, including four sentenced by the High Court and three sent by Magistrates are among the jail count. The other woman is awaiting preliminary investigation for murder.

Five men are on death row: Sylvester Lewis, Patrick Lovelace, Ken Charles, Harry Wilson and Daniel Dick Trimmingham.

Six Trinidadians, four each from Grenada and Barbados, two Jamaicans, and one St. Lucian, Dominican, Venezuelan, Guyanese, and Kittitian are in the Vincentian penitentiary.

The male population is housed in Kingstown just behind the High Court Building.

The females are housed at Fort Charlotte in an abandoned military building about two miles northwest of Capital City Kingstown.