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Accused make court appearances


Michael Hector, a 37-year-old labourer faces two criminal offences after he was arrested and charged for entering the Liquor and Provision Shop, owned by Bernice James, 37, of Hopewell. Hector was accused of stealing a quantity of items valued at EC$435 and US$80 in cash.

The offence took place between 4 p.m. July 4 and 6 a.m. July 5.

Hector was also charged with entering the Liquor and Provision Shop of Cyril Miller, an 81-year-old Richland Park shopkeeper. Hector is charged with removing items worth EC$78.75.

Dillon Blackette, 25, of Cane Garden also appeared at the Serious Offences Court charged for entering Full Worth Store. He was arrested for stealing a quantity of clothing and cosmetics items valued at $9,632.75.

The articles belonged to Monica Glasgow of Cane Hall and went missing between 15 and 16, May 2005.