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Astaphan finds Stalky’s comments astonishing

Astaphan finds Stalky’s comments astonishing


The head of the legal team retained by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, in a case where NDP talk show host E.G. Lynch is the defendant, has said he finds the submission by Stanley “Stalky” John “that it was okay to use state funds to take the daughter and mother of the Prime Minister to Rome on a trip in 2003” “astounding.” {{more}}

Anthony Astaphan said for John to say that it was okay for the Prime Minister to remove monies from the state for his mother, his daughter and his family to travel with him, would amount to mis-behaviour in public office. He noted that it was amazing for John to now say this, since NDP talk show host Elwardo “EG” Lynch “used the radio station to try to electronically lynch Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.”

Dr.Gonsalves sued the popular talk show host, after he made charges on radio that the Prime Minister had used state funds to take his family on a visit to the Vatican. Also named as a co-defendant in the case was Douglas DeFreitas, owner of Nice Radio the radio station where the offending statements were broadcast.

Astaphan said that the other thing he found astonishing was that Lynch made these statements without evidence to back up his statements. He said that there was dishonesty in the submission and no evidence to justify this charge against Dr.Gonsalves.

Astaphan said that to suggest on three or four occasions that Dr. Gonsalves took money for his family to go to Rome was corruption and a mis-use of public office in the eyes of the public.

Arguments were put back and forth over the merits or demerits of the case against Lynch by lawyers representing both plantiff and defendant.

Lynch’s lawyers asked that the matter go to trial, but Astaphan’s team said based on the documents filed in court, they are instead asking for damages.

However at the end of the morning, Justice Gertile Thom adjourned the case.

Both teams are awaiting the judge’s ruling.