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What makes BCK stand out?


Head of the Language Department at the Bishop’s College Kingstown (BCK) Janille Sandy is one of the longest serving teachers on the staff.

She has been there for the last 10 years and says that the discipline of the students and their academics, along with the curriculum make the school stand out.

“We offer a lot of technical vocational courses along with the standard courses. Being a teacher is not just an eight to three job, it is something that is ongoing, and you have to build a good relationship with the students to understand where they are coming from and where you want to guide them to,” Sandy said during a recent interview.

The Science department at the Bishop’s College Kingstown (BCK) is making strides.

Dana Matthias, who is charged with teaching the sciences has been at the BCK for 10 years now.

“When I first came, we were doing human and social biology and after we started doing Biology, we phased that out and introduced other science subjects,” explained Matthias.

She said that 2019 will be the first year that the school will have students sitting biology, chemistry and physics and this is a great achievement.

“It is about changing the culture of thinking that sciences are for a certain set of people,” said Matthias, who added that at BCK, they operate as a close-knit community and the approximately 400 students are like family.

“We know their names and we do go above and beyond to assist in different areas,” Matthias said.

Spanish is it for teacher

Tenisha Crozier.

Cozier has been at the Bishop College Kingstown (BCK) since 2008 and prides herself on being one of the teachers to

bring several positive changes to the school.

She noted that she was part of a team that introduced the rule that only certain coloured school bags would be allowed, the gate pass system and came up with the idea of having a lawn on the compound.

“The school stands out because we go beyond just academics. We realize that some students are not academically inclined, so we bring in barbers, hairdressers, nail technicians.

“We see students cutting hair in class and doing eyebrows and we realize this person has a skill, so we say let’s strengthen the skill,” commented Cozier.

She added that the school has a relationship with the Kingstown Technical Institute (KTI), so students are sent there to get involved in clothing and textiles, cooking and other home economics disciplines.

“We cater to their needs,” stressed Cozier during an interview on Tuesday at the school’s compound at Pauls Avenue.

The Bishop’s College Kingstown (BCK) has so many accomplishments that they are almost too numerous to mention boasted teacher Khadine Black during an interview on Tuesday.

Black has been at the BCK since 2004 and is the head of the Mathematics department.

“More of our students are moving on to college, we have a lot of students with more than five subjects at CXC/CSEC and last year, all of our students got subjects, at least four and above,” Black told SEARCHLIGHT.

She added that the school’s academic record proves that they are the top co-ed secondary school.

“We always encourage our students to do their best. We help them to become well rounded and we cater for their spiritual, academic and social sides.

“We encourage them to talk to us, and us as teachers work together

for each student. We have programs which cater to every student,” Black commented. She noted that if teachers realize students are not academically inclined, they introduce them to programs that appeal to them.