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Ella’s Unisex caters to all their clients’ needs

Ella’s Unisex caters to all their clients’ needs


If success is measured by the longevity of a business, then Ella’s Unisex Beauty Salon can count itself as one of the top establishments of its kind in St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

Today, August 5, owner Ella Cupid and her staff are celebrating 25 years of keeping Vincentian women (and men) well-coiffed and looking their best.

The salon boasts a wide variety of services, including hair relaxing, curling, shampooing, scalp and hair treatments, pedicures, manicures, and barbering, among other things.

“We offer everything a salon could offer!” boasted Cupid.

And she promises that her prices won’t break the bank.

“I try to keep my prices as low as possible, because I know these days it’s hard… the economy is not too good, but I still want women to look good!”

Cupid also said that she offers trichological services to her customers.

“I do analysis of the hair and scalp. If customers can’t be treated in the salon, then I refer them to a dermatologist,” she explained.

Cupid runs a six-member staff, which include: Francelia Friday, who has been with the establishment for just over two years and runs the boutique; Alison da Silva, who is a newly-hired nail technician; Amanda Rawlins, a junior stylist who has been employed there for six months; Shanel Delpesche, who has been a stylist at Ella’s for nine months; Zenna Isaacs, who has been employed at the salon for 10 years as a stylist; and Jason Bailey, who has been offering barbering services at the salon for a combined six years.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited Ella’s, the staff seemed jovial and pleased with their work environment and duties.

Cupid also had some words of wisdom for those who wish to make the foray into self-employment and small business.

“You have to be serious, and know exactly what you want to do… don’t settle for less,” she said.

“There will be obstacles, but make sure that if you want something, you work hard to get it!”

Today, Cupid and her staff will be hosting a customer appreciation day, where customers will be treated to light refreshments and drinks.

She will also be surprising her customers who have been with the establishment for more than 20 years by giving them special treatments.