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Celebration: 25 years in the business for Ella’s Beauty Salon

Celebration: 25 years in the business for Ella’s Beauty Salon


Self-employment is not something that everyone is able to succeed at; but when Ella Cupid started her own beauty salon, she was determined to do just that.{{more}}

And 25 years later, she has not only kept her establishment alive, but also expanded it.

Cupid, who resides at Villa, began her business, which is now located on the second floor of the St. Hill Insurance Building (formerly George’s Plaza) on Grenville Street, on August 5, 1986.

She explained that although she dabbled with other professions earlier in her life, she always found herself drawn to fashion and hairdressing.

“I was always into fashion and I loved to style hair,” she recalled.

“I tried other professions, like nursing, but I didn’t like it. This was my calling, so I went right into it!”

Cupid believes that her positive work ethic, dedication, astute business sense and faith in God have formed the cornerstone of her successful business.

“I’m a believer… He [God] always sees me through. I try not to live beyond my means, because it’s business first for me,” she said.

Cupid currently manages a six-member staff – five of them work in the salon, and the other employee works in her boutique, which is located just across from the salon.

At the boutique, Cupid sells clothing, accessories, footwear and cosmetics. Coupled with the services she offers in her salon, patrons can make Ella’s a one stop shop, where they can be kept looking their best from head to toe.

Cupid confided that she has had her fair share of stress within the business over the years, but there has never been a challenge that has overcome her.

She said that the biggest challenge has been with past employees who did not conduct themselves in a professional manner. But with her current staff, she does not seem to have that issue to contend with.

And a successful business is not the only feather under Cupid’s cap. She is a qualified pharmacy technician and tricologist, a trained assessor in beauty-related courses, and is currently pursuing an online degree in Fashion Merchandising with Penn Foster Career School (based in the USA).

Cupid said that she has many plans to take her business forward, but she is particularly determined to open a training school where she can pass on her expertise to the next generation.

“I will do that when I retire… teach them properly, not just half way!”

And success seems to be something that Cupid has passed on to her children.

Mother of three, her eldest son is an aeronautical engineer. Her second son is currently in the US Navy, studying to become a mechanical engineer; and her her daughter is on a four-year tennis scholarship at a South Carolina University, studying Marketing.