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GHS alumnae visit Senior past students

GHS alumnae visit Senior past students


by Annelle Thomas 01.FEB.11

The Girls’ High School Alumnae Association continued visits to Senior past students in SVG during November 2010 and January 2011.

On November 19, 2010, a visit was made to Nesta Minors-DaSilva. DaSilva was happy that the Association remembered her and was especially delighted since this visit coincided with her 87th birthday on that day.{{more}}

She reminisced on her days at GHS under Headmistress Laura Smith-Moffett, whom she recalled was a strict disciplinarian. Other teachers were Ruby Windebank, Annie Jackson, Sheila Wall and Phyllis Punnett, who all demanded and got respect from students.

Some of her colleagues that she remembered were Inez Coombs, Emily Grant, Barbara Da Santos and Rita DaSilva. She also spoke about the curriculum and dress code of the day.

The first Senior Alumna to be visited in 2011 was Lady Eileen Connell-Woodroffe, wife of retired Archbishop of the West Indies Sir Cuthbert Woodroffe. Lady Woodroffe, who is in the 90 plus age group, entertained the visiting alumnae with stories of her school days at GHS. She too remembered some of her teachers and school mates and spoke about the culture and tradition of the school at that time and compared it with GHS in the 21st century.

She felt especially honoured to have the current Headmistress, Andrea Keizer-Bowman, present. Lady Woodroffe is a keen gardener who takes pride and pleasure in displaying her home garden which is always so beautifully kept and invited the group to have a look.

Visits were made on January 20 to former Headmistress Norma Keizer, OBE and former teacher Irma Norris. Keizer pleasantly recalled her experiences both as student, teacher and headmistress of her alma mater. All of the visiting team were at one time her students and she facetiously reminded them of some of the escapades and mischief in which they were involved. Of course, the Housing system at the school was very important in the lives of students then, and Keizer, herself a Staff house member, was indeed happy to receive a centenary Staff house T-shirt along with the flowers and fruits presented.

The visiting team also shared experiences with her and enjoyed the time with laughter and fun, as memories of past school days were relived. The team was joined for a short while by Keizer’s daughter, Clare, who took time from her busy schedule as Chief Executive Officer and Acting Editor of The Searchlight newspaper, to share in this visit.

The visit to Norris was another occasion to reminisce as she told of some of her experiences as a teacher at the school. Norris, now in her nineties, is still physically active, although she admitted that she cannot remember certain things, as is expected at that age. She, however, remembered some of her teaching experiences with past students, as she too recalled pleasant memories of the GHS. Lynette Glasgow joined the group as past student and daughter and filled us in with information on her mom.

Flowers, fruits and memorabilia on the occasion of the upcoming 100th anniversary of GHS were presented to each of the persons visited.