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Tue, Jun 29, 2010


  •  Extension of Entry Permits may be issued to visitors upon request
  • Extension forms can be obtained at Ports in the Grenadines and at the Head Office{{more}}
  • Persons seeking extension need to be sponsored by a citizen or resident of the state, unless they are staying at a hotel, guest house etc.
  • Sponsors need to produce their passport or ID card for identification purposes.
  • The granting of extensions may depend on various factors which include:
  •  Length of time required
  • Adherence to immigration laws
  • Return ticket
  • Purpose of stay
  • Sponsorship
  • Applicants and their sponsors are subjected to be interviewed by an Immigration Officer
  • On granting of extensions, applicants need to produce twenty-five dollars ($25) in revenue stamps
  • Applicants under twelve (12) years are not required to submit stamps
  •  It is an offence for persons to overstay their time in the state, without seeking an extension of time given