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Windy Valley Secondary – Trials of the Young and Restless


by Shane Ann Connell 16.JAN.09

Previously: Miriam finds herself trapped in the hospital toilet. She needs to get out before she is discovered by the police and her abusive father.

The order had been given by her father that on no account should anybody leave the building without his approval.{{more}} Miriam started to tremble. The idea of going back home and back to the way things were made her search desperately for a way out.

Hopelessly, Miriam sat down on the toilet seat. Her eyes desperately searched the small cubicle. The walls were concrete and a baby couldn’t fit through the tiny window far up in the corner, yet alone a fifteen year old. Escaping from here would be futile.

There was a tap on the door. Miriam’s body froze. The person tried to open the door and to Miriam’s disbelief the door opened. Miriam flung her body, her entire weight of her body forcing the door closed.

“Sorry,” said the faint, croaky voice of an old lady. “Will you be long?” The tone of the old lady’s voice told Miriam that the old lady was impatient.

“Can’t you use somewhere else?” shouted Miriam through the door.

“I don’t think I would be able to reach in time.”

Miriam gave a sigh. It was no use. She had to go out. The old lady would just bring more attention. Reluctantly, Miriam made the toilet presentable and washed her hands. Before she opened the door, she gave a final prayer – a prayer to somehow get out without being detected, then she opened the door.

The old lady thanked her profusely and hobbled into the toilet, leaving Miriam exposed. So far so good, she had her disguise to thank for that. She had darkened her complexion and cut her hair so that she resembled a boy rather than a girl. Luckily for her, no one noticed her, but this disguise would not fool her father. She needed to get out before he saw her.

Miriam looked over to the entrance and noticed that there were a couple of policemen with rifles. Their attention was on one of their colleagues who seemed preoccupied with arguing with a young man who wanted to leave the hospital.

Since they are distracted, then maybe I could slip through without them noticing, Miriam thought. Sweat started to stream down her forehead. She had the constant fear that her father would at any moment pat her on her shoulders.

Slowly she edged herself to the entrance. A small group had begun to build up, as the argument between the policeman and the young man became heated. Miriam could feel the little breeze coming from outside. She felt moments away from freedom.

That was until she heard the deep tenor of her father’s voice. Immediately she felt freedom replaced by an iron cage. Her father was angry. The doctors wouldn’t let him talk to Susan because she was seriously sick.

“We need to give the newspapers her new description!” he directed.

Miriam’s knew her cover had been blown. She needed to get back to the safety of Ras’ home. He was right. She should have never left.

The heated commotion between the police and the young man turned into a fight, and a few of the other policemen intervened. Miriam saw the entrance unmanned and seized the opportunity to calmly put one foot outside – then eased half her body across the threshold – and then …

“Where are you going?” said one of the policemen to her.

There was nothing more she could do. She had been caught and soon she was to be turned over to her father.

“You dumb?”

“I’m here to see a friend” Miriam stuttered.

“No-one is allowed in the hospital. You need to stay outside.” Miriam just watched the policemen. The policemen got annoyed and pushed Miriam outside. “Stand outside and wait for the orders to come in.”

As the policeman pushed her, she stumbled to the ground. She had never been so pleased to feel the scorching sun hit her face. She was free. Now she needed to get back to Ras, and quickly.

The Windy Valley Secondary series is fictional. Any resemblance to real events, places or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.