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Christmas advice from NCCP

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As the people of this Blessed Land prepare to enjoy the many attractions that constitute a typical Vincy Christmas, the National Commission on Crime Prevention (NCCP) encourages everyone to exercise caution during this time.

Let us pray and work for peace and goodwill when shopping and celebrating.{{more}}

Here are some useful tips to guide us through this period:

l Do not leave presents and other items on display in your cars when leaving your car.

l If you must go out- leave a light on at home or use a light timer and make a burglar think you’re in – even when you’re out!

l Do not leave your presents and other items bought exposed for all to see.

l Do not leave boxes on display outside of your house.

l Shop with a friend, especially at night. If you are alone try to walk near other people.

l Make sure your Children know to go to a store employee or security officer, if lost.

The NCCP expresses thanks for the support of Citizens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines throughout the year and reminds you of our Theme, “Lets work together to Build a Culture of Peace.”