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Windy Valley Secondary – Trials of the Young and Restless


by Shane-Ann Connell
(edited by Shamal Connell) 18.JULY.08

Miriam’s plan to break up Susan and Sharpie appears to be working – but now comes the news that Susan is carrying Sharpie’s child. Would Sharpie change his mind about his relationship with Miriam?{{more}}

“Sharpie,” whispers Miriam, “I don’t think it’s a good idea to tell Susan about us.”

“Yo have the money?” Sharpie asks, ignoring Miriam’s concern.

“Susan is me friend and I don’t…”, she slips Sharpie the money. “I don’t want Susan finding out”.

Sharpie counts the money and laughs. “A wat dis? Only 250, me ask for 500” he said.

“It’s all I can get. Please don’t tell Susan about us.”

“Get me another $250 and I won’t tell Susan a ting”.

Miriam felt that she was being blackmailed. She really didn’t want to her hurt her best friend. The dilemma that she found herself in left her with nowhere to turn. “Ok, don’t say a word, you hear”.

“You best go”, Sharpie smiled as he playfully smacked Miriam on the bottom.

“See your best friend a come.”

Miriam ducked down lower behind the van so that she would not be seen. As Susan approached, Miriam slipped around the back to head home.

“Hi Sharpie” said a bubbly Susan “ah have some good news”.

Sharpie loved Susan when she was in her bright moods. “What, yo win lotto?” he asks jokingly?

“No, better than that”.

“What can be better than money?”

“Me pregnant.”

There was a long pause as Sharpie stared at Susan, “What? Fu me?”

“Yes, who else? You not happy to hear the news?” said Susan in shock.

“Me nah want no picney” says Sharpie bluntly. “Me already have five an’ me nah war’ no more”.

“But you said you love me”.

“Me nah see no ring pan yo finger”.

“You said you want to us to get married”.

“Girl, you ah tek things too serious”.

“Sharpie I don’t believe this, why are you saying this, why have you changed?”

“Me nah change, ah you change. Gone go get pregnant, and who say for sure ah mine?”

“It’s your child!” shouted Susan.

“Ah so you say”.

Susan starts sobbing uncontrollably.

“Doh bother cry. As a matter ah fac’, lissen me. Ah seeing someone else an’ is she me really love”.

Susan looked at him, “What? Who is she?”

“You don’t need to know that my dear”. Sharpie regarded her with pity. “Look” he said softly. “Here is some money” He pushed the rolled up bundle of money in her hand.

“Dash wey the pickney”.

The tears rolled down Susan’s cheek and soaked the money in her hand as she tried to wipe them away. What just happened? Did Sharpie say “Dash wey the pickney”? Susan reflected on what had just happened. Sharpie made a fool out of her. She pondered on Sharpie’s advice, should she throw away the child?

“Miriam, is it true that Susan and Sharpie are getting married?” asked Ras.

So the rumours are true, Miriam thought. Susan and Sharpie are going to get married. All her plans to be Sharpie’s girl are going to be ruined. Now she will never escape home, even worse she’ll probably end up in the same situation as Susan, pregnant but by her own father. The very thought broke Miriam down in tears.

“Miriam! Miriam! Wat wrong?” Ras was truly worried. He knew that she liked Sharpie but he really didn’t know that she liked him that much. So much for making Miriam his wife.

“Sharpie nah really worth it, he…”

“I’m not crying because of him!” she blurted out. Miriam felt ashamed, she didn’t want to snap at Ras, it wasn’t his fault, he had always been there for her; he had been a true friend. Deep down Miriam wanted to be more than Ras’s friend; but if she told him her dark secret, would he still want her?

“Then what is it?” asked Ras coaxingly.

Miriam found herself in a quandary. Should she tell Ras?

The Windy Valley Secondary series is fictional. Any resemblance to real events, places or persons living or dead, is purely coincidental.