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Windy Valley Secondary



Trials of the
Young and Restless
by Shane-Ann Connell
(edited by Shamal Connell)

Last week:
Susan’s father Roy confronts her van driver boyfriend Sharpie, but backs off when Sharpie revealed a knife stuck in his waist.

After falling asleep in class, Susan’s teacher sends her to the Headmistress’s office. However, instead of going there, Susan walks out of school. After school, Ras observes Susan’s best friend Miriam driving off with Sharpie in his van. When Sharpie drops Miriam off at her home, Sharpie is surprised by the size of her house. As she leaves the van, Sharpie promises to keep in touch.

Miriam’s cell phone rang. “Hello!”

“Miriam?” said a deep voice, “ A Sharpie dis”.

“Sharpie!” says Miriam, pleased to hear his voice. “How did you get my number?”

“Me look in Susan’s phone and pick your number from there”.

“Oh”, she said with a tone of disappointment, “So you haven’t told Susan about me and you?”

“No, me go tell she later. Ah phoning you because me need a little money. The van need some parts, and money kinda tight right now.”

“But ah don’t have any…”

“Don’t worry, me go pay you back.” interrupted Sharpie. “Wat you dor’ love me?” There was a pause.

In all honesty Miriam didn’t love Sharpie; she knew what type of guy he was and despised him for it; no, she was in love with another. The reality is that she was using Sharpie; it was her only way to escape from home, and her father. She had nowhere or nobody to turn to; Sharpie was her only way out.

“Ok, Sharpie, I’ll get the money for you.”

“Alright, me go see you after school. Bring $500.”

“$500! Where am I supposed to get that?”

“Me go see yo later,” said Sharpie as he hung up.

Where was she going to get that type of money? Neither of her parents kept that sort of money at home. She only had $250 saved up for her graduation in her bank book, and Sharpie wanted the money today. Miriam thought it would be money well spent if she gave it to Sharpie. Miriam decided to take her bank book with her.

She also decided that she was going to tell Susan that Sharpie was now hers. It could mean the end of a very good friendship, but nowadays it’s everyone for herself. Miriam saw her friend in a distressed state. “Hey, what’s wrong with you?”

“I’m not feeling too good,” replied Susan.

“You got the flu. You best stay away from me, cause ah don’t want to catch it,” declared Miriam.

“Is not flu ah have, is Morning Sickness.”

Did she hear right, did Susan just said that she had morning sickness? “Susan, you pregnant?,” she asked in disbelief, “Susan, you pregnant?”

“Three months gone”.

“You actually sleeping with Sharpie? “

“Long time now”.

“How come you never tell me that you pregnant?” rebuked Miriam.

“I tried to call you this morning, but your phone was busy. Who was calling you so early in the morning?”

It was Miriam’s chance to tell Susan that she and Sharpie were now an item. She knew what she was doing was wrong, against her own morals. “It was Ras,” Miriam lied.

“You and him still just friends?” asks Susan. “I taught you liked him…Sharpie said we go get married soon”.

Miriam knew that Susan cared for her and she really didn’t want her to worry.

All Miriam knew is that she had to get to Sharpie before he told Susan about them…

The Windy Valley Secondary series is fictional. Any resemblance to real events, places or persons living or dead, is purely coincidental.