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Searchlight takes a close up look at the president of the Local Small Business Association, Marlon Stephenson

Searchlight takes a close up look at the president of the Local Small Business Association, Marlon Stephenson


We feature the President of the Local Small Business Association in this month’s Business magazine. The name Marlon Stephenson is synonymous in St. Vincent and the Grenadines with his consultancy and public relations skills.{{more}}

Marlon Stephenson is a man who wears many hats.

Apart from his consultancy and public relations skills, and training in soft skills, customer service and marketing, the Paul’s Avenue resident is the president of the local Small Business Association, a very active member of the credit union movement, and deeply involved in Carnival.

The former teacher is also this country’s facilitator to the Education for Advancement programme, a distance education venture with the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom.

Stephenson is our featured Manager in Focus for this month’s Business Magazine.

Q: Are you living your professional dream?

A: Not really. There is still a lot more to be delivered to the Vincentian community to assist the change process.

Q: What do you do to relax?

A: Read, Jazz, talk

Q: How do you spend your weekends?

A: What is that?

Q: What is your favourite meal?

A: Nothing stands out-anything green and natural.

Q: What challenges you most in life?

A: My time management. Not enough time in a day to do all the things I want to do

Q: What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

A: Seeing people make progress in their personal and professional development

Q: Where do you get inspiration to go on?

A: Trying to build a better SVG for all of US

Q: Who has had the most positive influence on your life?

A: Nelson Mandela, Renwick Rose, Dr I.E Kirby and my Father

Q: If you were given the power to change one thing in the country or the world, what would it be?

A: Turn back Columbus !

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

A: Productively engaged in nation building

Q: Any general dislikes?

Q: Poor work attitude and poor customer service

Q: Any message for the youths?

A: Yes, yes! They have to work harder to make this world a better.