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Saunders hailed as a visionary


With fifty years, over $50 million in assets and more than 11,000 members under their belt, the board of directors and members of the Kingstown Co-operative Credit Union have lots to be proud of.{{more}}

Last weekend, the Union displayed its pride with an exhibition and lecture to mark the celebration of a major milestone in its history.

Saturday’s exhibits showcased the achievements and works of a number of the union’s members; from seasoning makers and information and technology experts to businessmen and manicurists, all beneficiaries of being a member of the Union.

The ceremony prior to the exhibition heard addresses and messages of goodwill from President of the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions Julian Jack, Reuben John, President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Credit Union League, and Cecil Jackson, the Registrar of Co-operatives (ag), among others.

Founder of this country’s longest serving Credit Union Thomas Saunders was hailed as a visionary for his introduction of the idea of a Union in 1957, following exposure to the idea in Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago.

The KCCU was established one year later, with 53 members and assets totaling $253.98, under the leadership of Saunders, and persons like Jerome Burke Sr, Leroy Adams, Reynold Rose and Bertam Arthur.

Mention was also made of the ‘Group of Nine’ who led the Union out of a slump in 1984.

These nine persons, along with others, were credited with the revitalization of the Union at that stage. They include Jerome Burke Jr, Maurice Edwards, Cornelia Durham, Joseph Duncan and Jean Walker.

Apart from services to members, Vice President Horne boasted of the Union’s contribution to Education, Sports and Culture and, on a whole, the socio-economic well being of many Vincentians.

The Union will host a series of events to celebrate its 50th anniversary until December 31st, 2008.

These include a number of community projects, primary school quiz, dance festival and a fun walk.