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Life and times of Empress Menen

Life and times of Empress Menen



Next to Queen Taitu, our most chanceful queen Empress Menen is the one who is the most beautiful naturally.

Empress Menen is blessed and rich. Queen Menen is kind, human, and God fearing. She is always with the people, she shares their problems and finds solutions.{{more}}

Queen Menen stretches out her hand for the poor so that all Ethiopians like her very much…In the history of Ethiopia, no rulers have ever been blessed with so many children and grand-children, who help to strengthen the dynasty, except the King of Kings Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen…because God blessed them during 47 years of marriage. The King and Queen were tied with Holy Communion. Their children and grand-children were engaged in different jobs to give service for their country.

Empress Menen, since she came to this world in 1883, has accomplished many humane deeds and charity.

“Princess (Woizero), now Empress Menen, was born on March 25, 1883, in Wollo Province, Ambassel Region, at “Egua” area, from her father Jantirar Asfaw and mother Woizero Sehin Michael. She was baptized in St. Delba George Church. Her Christian name was Wolete Giorgis. Her name Menen is given for the most beautiful respected ladies.

“Princess Woizero was raised well by her parents until she received an instructor at home like the sons and daughters of former Lords and Dukes. Empress Menen is well versed in the reading and writing skills of her native language Amharic. Her teachers were Maduna and Father Workineh. Beyond academic education she has learnt home economics and the Ethiopian tradition of “spinning”. Since she has the best knowledge of household management, people called her the head of women. Empress Menen is a charming lady and no one can compete with her.

In 1900, she married Lul Seged, legally, and bore two daughters and two sons. In 1911 she journeyed from Dessie and reached Addis Ababa. Dejazmach Teferi, now Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I King of Kings of Ethiopia, married her in July 1911. Lij Eyasu was responsible for making them a couple. The wedding ceremony was accomplished in the following circumstances.

His Majesty King of Ethiopia Haile Selassie was the Governor of Harar. The bride Princess Woizero Menen was in Addis Ababa. The then Dejazmach Teferi, Majesty King of Kings of Ethiopia Haile Selassie I, sent to Addis Ababa His loyal servant, the then Gijazmach, now Prince Ras Emiru Haile Selassie, Lij Beshah Wured, and Kegnazmach Gobaw who led other invited followers who were sent with them. They travelled from Addis Ababa riding horses and mules and reached Harar on July 23, 1911. When they arrived, Dejazmach Teferi waited with them at the place called Hammaressa near Harar. Dejazmach Teferi was accompanied by his loyal servants and Lords to receive her with respect. In addition to this, the Harar army was waiting to receive the Princess around Awash. The people of Harar wished for the marriage of the couple to be like the sacred marriage of Abraham and Sarah.

Since their marriage was made by the Will of God, during their 47 marriage years, the Queen and the King received daughters and sons. They have enjoyed the marriage ceremonies of their children and have witnessed the growth of their grand-children.