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Twenty reasons why we should support and encourage youth entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial ventures



Business Rendezvous for February 2008

1. Entrepreneurship provides young people with alternative career choices and helps change the mindset

2. Entrepreneurship education teaches young people how to recognize and implement good ideas, how to generate and make use of opportunities, and how to make money from doing this. {{more}}

3. Teaches young people how to respond to challenges, crises, and adversity in a flexible and opportunistic manner.

4. Helps young people/students who may be misplaced in academics to have a subject focus they may be interested in

5. Helps students/young people to stay in school and educational institutions

6. In schools/educational institutions where entrepreneurship is taught students/young people can be advised how they can make money from the fields/subjects they are studying

7. The competencies required to perform entrepreneurial functions effectively help students and young people to be successful at examinations and in the workplace

8. Entrepreneurship education assists young people in goal setting and future planning

9. It provides them with an opportunity for personal development, building self-esteem and enhancing communication, interpersonal relationship, marketing and interviewing skills

10. Entrepreneurship education teaches students and young people the importance of money management/budgeting

11. Through entrepreneurship education young people learn to become better citizens

12. Young people are provided with an opportunity to develop their creativity in entrepreneurial ventures

13. Entrepreneurial ventures teach young people how to deal with the issue of unemployment in creative and productive ways

14. Through entrepreneurship mentorship programmes young people learn from older and more experienced entrepreneurs

15. Entrepreneurship education helps to create a culture of enterprise among young people.

16. Youth entrepreneurial ventures contribute to economic development, reduce unemployment and poverty

17. Youth entrepreneurial ventures lessen the burden on government to find employment for young people

18. Youth entrepreneurship can be an effective way of creating public-private partnership in economic development

19. Youth entrepreneurial ventures are ideal for pursuing innovative areas of industry that may not be as attractive to older people

20. Through youth entrepreneurship the entire society benefits as young people are meaningfully engaged in beneficial, legitimate activities and hence less likely to become involved in anti-social activities such as drug abuse, violence and other forms of criminal activities

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