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The flag on my building


by Chantel Isaacs

The flag on my building is precious to me.

It is the symbol of the land of the brave and the free.

Many died and went to the grave fighting for the freedom they wanted to save.

There is no other country; I want to live in today.

There is none better than the good old SVG.

Where you can stand up for what you believe in without fear of retaliation,

To make you grieve.

You can voice your opinions, whatever they are,

That is a right given to you and me because of the hoisting of our flag.{{more}}

Oh! We have had our attacks brought from our side,

Evil people, who hit, run and then hide.

Deep in their heart they know they won’t win.

They know we will protect freedom all over again.

No matter the reason, no matter the cost,

We know our freedom will never be lost.

So all lawless persons, better take heed.

Try taking our freedom you will never succeed.

All of our people, from all works of life,

Will go to battle to defend against lawless troublemakers.

Our bright coloured flag is for everyone,

The blue, yellow and green will not be undone.

The blue is nighttime, indicated by stars that unite the people together,

Followed by the yellow and the green.

The yellow in our flag is for the blood that’s been shed.

The green don’t mean surrender, but honour instead.

Lives have been given, to keep our land free,

That is why the flag on my building mean so much to me.