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Suzanne’s gives special treat

Suzanne’s gives special treat


It was the day of the year when the elderly walk into Suzanne’s Hair Studio and ask for any treatment they want and get it free of cost.

Thirty-one women and one man, all 60 years and older, kept the proprietor, Suzanne Goodluck, and her staff busy all day, Wednesday October 18, with $3,500 in orders.

Goodluck said this was her way of giving back to the many senior citizens who were this state’s nation builders. {{more}}

There was no limit on the number of people who could receive service and no limit on the services that would be provided. Whatever they wanted, they got.

She invited them through letters to churches and through advertisements and on television.

They received manicures, pedicures, relaxers, treatments, and jheri curls. The lone man got a haircut.