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Jeffers: Not too many like Sister Charles

Jeffers: Not too many like Sister Charles

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“Sis Charles is an angel, I wish she lives forever.”

Those were the words of Elfena Jeffers, one of the longest beneficiaries of Bethel Care, the outreach to the aged programme run by this year’s FirstCaribbean International Bank Unsung Hero winner, Jestina Charles.

Jeffers, a mother of six, of Bay Road Mt Bentick, is one of 100 elderly people who receive food baskets. She has been a recipient of the programme since 1998 and is full of praise for the woman known as “Sister Charles” or “Lady Charles”.{{more}}

“She is the greatest, she is such a nice woman, there are not too many like her these days” said Jeffers.

As part of the outreach programme Jeffers and the others are given a monthly food basket, gathered for social events, and physical exercises. But it is the field trips that excite Jestina.

“Sis Charles took me to see places in St Vincent that I never knew before, all over she carried us, all over” she excitedly told SEARCHLIGHT.

“Thank God he raised her back up, thank God,” she said raising her hands in praise.

Sis Charles had suffered a stroke in 2004, and many had feared the worst, as her short time away from all the outreach activities that she spearheaded showed many a glimpse into the future of life without this giant of a human spirit.

But for the more than 175 people, young and old, who have been touched by this angel they are looking forward to many more years of her heart warming smile, purpose-driven effort and loving hands.

“I pray that God will keep her for many years so that we could have her here a long, long time” said Jeffers.