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Glennford May – First born

Glennford May – First born


Of all the babies born October 27, 1979, Glennford May of Sion Hill Sandy Bay was the first.

He was the third child of Leolin May, a retired farmer, and George Toppin.

Glennford will be spending his birthday at sea as a member of staff of the Monarch of the Seas cruiseliner.

His mother vividly recalls the birth with a sense of Vincentian humor which makes the episode look like an extract of local folklore.

It was Friday, October 26, Independence Eve and everyone was out celebrating and drinking, including her husband – especially since it was payday.

When he came in and gave her a few dollars, she threw it back at him. He was happy to take the money and continue celebrating.

Before leaving he asked when she was going to the clinic.{{more}}

This being her third child she was familiar with the process and admitted that contractions were coming on.

Her grandmother, Agatha May, suggested that she would have to wait until daybreak to call for medical attention especially since it was raining.

In the wee hours of the morning, around 2:15 am, with rain, thunder, and lightning, the pain was stronger.

“About three o’clock, the pain tek me. I get up off the bed, and go on the floor. I just spread a little blanket and get the baby right dey,” Leolin, said.

Frantic steps followed thereafter to get help from one whom Leolin remembers as Nurse Peters.

Based on the estimated time of birth, the nurse established that this was the first baby born on October 27, 1979.

Her son, Glennford, attended the Georgetown Secondary School after earlier education at the Sandy Bay Government and is today enjoying the hospitality industry on the high seas.