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Duty calls for Danieto Bacchus


While other “Independence babies” might be celebrating the nation’s 27th anniversary, Danieto Bacchus will be marking the independence and his 27th birthday in a danger zone – Iraq.

He is a Sargeant in the US Army and is on duty somewhere in the troubled Middle Eastern country. He joined the army eight years ago.

Danieto, son of Markie and Sharmaine Bacchus, left these shores at a tender age, having had early education at the Kingstown Preparatory School.{{more}}

He migrated to the United States and after college, enlisted in the armed forces of his adopted land.

Danieto had tours of duty in South Korea and Germany. He is married to a German lady and has a daughter.

Due to the nature of Danieto’s operations in Iraq, it was not possible to contact him but his father Markie, originally from the North Leeward village of Rose Bank, was “honoured” to know that is son is a Vincentian product.

“You feel good knowing that at the same time of Independence is your son’s birthday,” Markie said.

The children born 27 years ago are exposed to an era of globalization, and many of them are making use of opportunities available worldwide. Danieto is one such example.