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NDP supports NOBA


The New Democratic Party has supported the National Omnibus Association (NOBA) in the strike action and lashed out at government for what it called its hypocritical stance.

Opposition leader Arnhim Eustace said that government allowed VINLEC “to pass on the full increase on the price of fuel to the fuel surcharge which on electricity affects all consumers including the poor and working people” – a position he regarded as hypocritical since there were more electricity customers than commuters.{{more}}

He called on the government “to negotiate in a meaningful way with NOBA without the contempt and disrespect shown by the government.”

Eustace also took at swipe at Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and his administration for “paying back to oil companies in 2006, a full subsidy which it withheld during 2005.”

Eustace stated that the money amounted to $6.2 million and “was charged to all tax payers in the budget.”