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All is ‘weld’ for Kobie

All is ‘weld’ for Kobie


If you have anything to weld, contact Dwight Sam. He is from the Central Leeward town of Layou, and is popularly known as ‘Kobie’ because of his love for basketball during his earlier days.

One with a sturdy figure, skilful with his hands, Sam was given the name Kobie, after American Basketball professional Kobie Bryant.{{more}}

From his days attending the Barrouallie Secondary School, Sam showed ambition and worked with the welder Phillip ‘Bird Egg’ Lynch.

Lynch migrated some years ago, creating an opportunity for Kobie to setup shop.

For the past seven years, Sam has been welding. His shop is located just off the newly refurbished waterfront in Layou which is to be officially opened Monday by parliamentary representative Sir Louis Straker.

Sam’s trademark is all over the town – chairs, fences, gates, beds, tombstone decorations, light stands, shoe stands … you name it, it’s there. The finesse is unmistakeable.

Soon Kobie and his team of three welders will be repairing mufflers.

Kobie’s shop is close to the new waterfront and may have to relocate as the business does not blend in with the new look being promoted.

Father of two sons, Kobie aged five and Kyle two, Sam lives at Ruthland Vale.

Kobie can be reached at 593-0184 or 456-7682.