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Star will shine on

Star will shine on


The parents of Patrice Bascombe will be setting up a foundation to honour the legacy of their daughter. In an interview with Searchlight, Father Recardo Bascombe revealed that this foundation would help young people who want to be in the performing arts.

He said that Patrice touched many lives and loved God and worshipped him with all her talents and encouraged young people to get themselves right with God. He said that over the short 18-year span of his daughter’s life she impacted many lives and believes that many souls would be saved because of her tragic death.{{more}}

He remembers his daughter’s last words at the hospital being, “Daddy I am fighting for my life” and stressed that he doesn’t want another parent to go through what his family went through.

Mother Patricia confessed that although her daughter enjoyed life she had some turbulent periods in her life.

She recounted one part in her life where her daughter was attacked last year in the middle of the afternoon.

She confessed that this was something that she never recovered from as a mother. She admitted the she questioned God’s purpose as to why her daughter had to suffer but after many people started coming forward bravely with their horror stories of being attacked, she knew that her daughter’s assault was meant to help others.

She however remembered how people would say mean things about her daughter but the way she never took their unkindness to heart and always gave love in return.

She said that she would miss her daughters’ laugh and the way she loved to cook and urged Vincentians to remember a Patrice that used her talents for God.

The funeral service would be held at the Diamond Deliverance Assembly at Diamond this Sunday.