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Quashie devastated over loss of friend

Quashie devastated over loss of friend


Patrice’s best friend Kenrick Quashie is devastated over the loss of his dear colleague. Quashie remembers Patrice for being an energetic person who was optimistic about life.

The grieving friend stated, “She loved to try new things and I think that she would love to be remembered for her ability to use her talents in the cultural arena without compromising her belief in God.”{{more}}

Quashie also jokingly remembers a Patrice who was gentle but could be stubborn and extremely determined to get things done. He also described her as an amazing person around children and said that her death should remind especially young people that they should live life as if it’s their last.

He sadly reflected: “Patrice just slipped away, but she used to have this motto that she lived by and it was ‘He who guards his lips, guards his soul’.”