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Baptiste: She was a rose and belle

Baptiste: She was a rose and belle


Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste has announced that the Most Outstanding Award in the National Gospel Festival would be named in the performer’s honour.

Baptiste said that it was an inspiration to see Bascombe use all her talents and admitted that she had admired the young lass. The Minister described the 18-year-old as a jovial individual who was always willing to do a cultural piece for any event she was called upon.{{more}}

“I never take it for granted when people offer their services and Patrice was always willing. She always sought excellence and was constantly improving; she was a Rose and a belle at the same time. She sang beautifully, she was always pleasant and she always had a smile. She was torn from the veil and I hope that her parents would find continue to find comfort in prayer.”

The Culture Minister continued: “Patrice was a good role model and it is really sad, some things are acts of fate and no man knows the hour of death.”