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Living the life at Tavern Black Baron

Living the life at Tavern Black Baron


If there is a case for St. Vincent and the Grenadines being considered a paradise, a French couple residing here will be able to attest to that.

Line and Bruno formerly operated a charter boat company based in the French overseas Department of Martinique. But several trips to this country were enough to convince them that there was no other place in the world that they would rather be. The couple now runs a business on the beachfront of Cumberland in the North Leeward area.{{more}}

It is called Tavern Black Baron. It could be viewed as a typical Vincentian operation, with a French accent built in.

Bruno is originally from De Re, an island off the French coast with a population of 300. Bruno had established himself as a sea captain, influenced by his knowledge and use of the waters.

The Vincentian coastal beauty and overall landscape ensnared Bruno to his very soul, and he has adapted to the newfound paradise.

His wife Line is still trying to understand Vincentian English, but she has no doubt about her love for the country and willingness to continue living here.

“This is the best place,” she said.

Line and Bruno have adapted to the Vincentian lifestyle.

The Tavern Black Baron has as its slogan: “live the life.”

Bruno pointed out that peak activity at the Tavern is at Christmas and the new year.

He pointed out, “The restaurant full.” But he is disappointed by the unwillingness of persons to work.

“Nobody want work. When we call, people say today is end of year,” Bruno said.

He first came to St. Vincent and the Grenadines 19 years ago, and he has since sold his boat. Instead, Bruno became engaged in agriculture, taking advantage of the abundance of land around the beach.

He is also rearing livestock in collaboration with nearby landowners with whom he has developed a kinship. The Tavern Black Baron has become an example of Vincentian tourism opportunities. It serves as an outlet for Vincentian craft, done by Gola, an artist from the neighbouring village of Coulls Hill. And the band Classic Groovers entertains guests on a regular basis.

Bruno has found some strong solidarity from Joseph ‘Logie’ Morris. He provides service in helping to bring the yachts to safety at a small wooden jetty erected through Bruno’s initiative.

He has a boat called ‘Give thanks’. After storing the engine on the premises of Tavern Black Baron for sometime, Morris and Bruno formed a partnership. Morris also operates as Tour Guide, taking visitors to the environmentally attractive sites in the North Leeward area.

The Tavern Black Baron is easy to access from the sea, but for those wishing to get there from land, they will have to wade through knee deep high waters, sometimes higher depending on the extent of rain, or travel by way of a four wheel drive vehicle to the spot.

But the difficulty is worth it. For on offer is a wide menu with an emphasis on local fare. Included among the choices is smoked fish, done at Everdale Farm, in the adjoining district of Walliabou.

In addition, there is the variety of drinks approved by the state.