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Ministers welcome expansion of DiscoveryWorks Legal

Ministers welcome expansion of DiscoveryWorks Legal


With plans to expand Electronic Discovery services here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, data firm DiscoveryWorks Legal SVG opened an additional floor at their facility to cater for this expansion.

On Tuesday, August 8, staff and management at DiscoveryWorks were joined by government officials to celebrate the opening of this new facility.{{more}}

Addressing the opening ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker, commended the Chief Executive Officer, Harry DeBari, for the tremendous work he has been doing in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and for increasing his investment and the level of employment here for young people.

“ Certainly this is a vote of confidence in the country and the government, because the government has to provide the wherewithal to facilitate the investment in order for someone to come and expand his investment here like this and for that we are, indeed, grateful,” Sir Louis said.

He noted that government has as its two main pillars, education, and the eradication of poverty and it is, indeed, pleasing to see young people receiving requisite training in the IT industry.

Minister of Telecommunications Science and Technology Dr. Jerrol Thompson said the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has set as its highest priority the implementation of the universal access to education and by extension ICT literacy and access of ICT training.

According to the Technology Minister, developing countries can no longer base their competitive advantage on cheap labour, but the application of knowledge. This he said is the direction in which this country is going.

“I believe that ICT has become a catalyst for comprehensive cross-sector strategies that would stimulate all aspects of our economy. That is why I am very pleased with what’s happening at DiscoveryWorks,” Dr. Thompson said.

The additionally facility will now allow DiscoveryWorks to employ more Vincentians as it expands its services in litigation and eDiscovery.