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DiscoveryWorks expanding its services

DiscoveryWorks expanding its services


Ten years ago when he started NetData Services, the idea of an offshore eDiscovery facility seemed to be a “pretty good idea” for Harry DeBari.

Now in its 10th year of operation, and under the new name DiscoveryWorks Legal, his company continues to expand.{{more}}

According to the CEO of DiscoveryWorks Legal, St. Vincent and the Grenadines offers a fantastic opportunity for companies to do business.

In addition to its close geographic location to the US, the availability of technical resources and a fantastic workforce here, were in this country’s favour when he was in search of an offshore location.

“SVG has a fantastic workforce and it’s a place my overseas staff and clients are happy to come visit,” DeBari mentioned.

With DiscoveryWorks Legal continuously expanding, St. Vincent and the Grenadines can boast of having the first offshore eDiscovery facility.

According to DeBari, the island life is nothing new to him having been raised by his mother who is originally from Bermuda.

“We are continuously increasing new services at DiscoveryWorks Legal; we are getting geared up to do transcription work as part of our services here.

Debari noted that the work attitude of the staff at DiscoveryWorks Legal has encouraged him to expand his business and services here.

The facility is run by Vincentians. There is no US staff present here, we do have a very demanding requirement and I am pleased with the work attitude of the employees,” he said.

According to the CEO, there are great incentives for employees at DiscoveryWorks Legal, along with opportunities for persons to advance and gain more skills.

With an expected ease in infrastructure investment in the coming months, the CEO mentioned that more emphasis would now be concentrated on contributing to social programmes in communities here.

In May of this year, signs of this contribution were seen when the company donated art equipment to the Girls’ High School.

“We are going to undertake programmes to do more work for the youth of St. Vincent and the Grenadines – from supporting computers in some of the schools to organizing summer programmes, among additional things…We have a lot of plans to give back and to be a part of the community. St. Vincent has been such a big part of our company, it’s only right that we be a part of the community at large here also,” DeBari mentioned.