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Digicel’s Caring Connection

Digicel’s Caring Connection


On its third anniversary, Digicel can boast of a major community penetration.

“We have to make links in the community,” Jerry George said. George, who is Digicel’s Public Relations Manager for the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) pointed to the company’s spending of $15,000 on the national Nine Mornings activities before Digicel had made one cent. {{more}}

George spoke of the Caring Connection, where Digicel gets involved in the needs of the most worthwhile community projects.

The company has sponsored projects in Bequia and Mayreau. These projects have serious environmental content.

Digicel Nelson Bloc, the reigning Band of the Year, has been another recipient of Digicel’s sponsorship.

Digicel sponsored Gospel Fest, Bequia Regatta, Union Island Regatta, West Indies Senior and A Teams, and CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Since Digicel entered the football arena, prize monies have increased with the winner getting $100,000.

There was also the Digicel Rising Star contest won last year by Vincentian Kyoka Cruickshank.

Digicel has also broken the language barrier, with contact in Haiti as well as the French overseas departments of Martinique and Guadeloupe. There are also contacts with the Dutch countries of Aruba and Curacoa.

“Our vision is that we see the Caribbean as one. With our agreement with Cingular Wireless, we offer the most competitive rates on roaming, throughout the Caribbean,” Country Manager Martin Bollers stated.

Digicel operates in 130 countries.

“We don’t settle for second place,” George indicated.