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Meet the Management and Staff of DiscoveryWorks Legal

Meet the Management and Staff of DiscoveryWorks Legal


l Raffique Barbour

– 6 months

Technical Director

His work entails system administration, network administration and co-ordinating the different projects that come in. His time at the company has been quite interesting because he gets to sink his teeth into interesting technologies. {{more}}

The job calls for a lot of thought and research but the implementation is always worth it, because you can always see the end result, which is a product that has significant benefit for the clients and company.

More than anything else, for people in information technology, DiscoveryWorks provides them with a unique opportunity to utilise their skills. Not only in network support and system administration but also in programming.

Raffique expressed the view that the technical team is a very good and talented group and they always deliver.

One of the things he loves about the management of the company is that they are always more than willing to provide the technical staff and the rest of the company with the tools that are needed to get the job done. That’s something that you don’t find with every company in the country.

l Dionne Sayers

– 6 years

Financial Comptroller

Dionne, like many others who have worked their way up by being flexible, believes that once your work is done well, there is room for promotion.

Dionne is detailed-oriented and always ready to meet the challenges of the customers’ demands. She commended the CEO Harry DeBari for having vision and emphasised the point that because of his insight there is a future for the workers.

l Andrew Williams

– 1 year

Technical Production Manager

It’s been only one year since Andrew has worked with the company but his experience is not limited.

Next month Andrew will be working as the Electronic Discovery Manager, which is a new line of work the company will be getting into, and Andrew is up to the challenge. He is able to multi-task whether it’s programming, creating data bases or new applications for projects. Andrew views his work at DiscoveryWorks as rewarding. He observed that the CEO and partners are solid and provide good direction for the company.

l Kerri-Ann Bullock

– 1.5 years

Technical Production Manager (Head of Research and Development R&D)

Kerrie follows projects from inception right through to the end, sets up databases, does trouble-shooting, debugging, and anything that has to do with the project from a technical standpoint.

Since most of the software the company uses is custom developed, they also do their own programming, and develop and maintain applications.

The Head of Research and Development loves the challenge of her job, but admits it gets hectic at times. This suits her, since she doesn’t like mundane things.

Programming is her love, and getting to do something she enjoys is a wonderful experience. Meeting deadlines is the toughest part, but it is good to have them.

Kerrie would love to see the company and the IT department expand to give more Vincentians the opportunity to get involved in hands-on programming. This opportunity, she said, is not available at many places here.

l Marcia Browne

– 9 years

Unit Manager for Unit One and Unitization Manager

Marcia’s role may sound huge, but with almost a decade of experience she understands every small detail of her job. Her unit has the responsibility of group scanning pages into logical documents so that they can be processed. Marcia sees Discovery Works as a good company and expresses the hope that it gets another 10 years and more so that the company could expand.

l Lorna Kydd

– 9 years

Unit Manager Evening Shift

Lorna works along with two supervisors on the evening shift where about 30 individuals perform the tasks of Coding, QCing and Validating work when others have gone home. She noted that persons who start the shift at 3pm are taken safely to their homes when the shift ends at 10pm courtesy Discovery Works.

Lorna wishes that more persons would take up the opportunity to earn a wage, and believes that when the evening shift expands there will be more productivity.

l Leslie Haddaway

– 5 years

Senior Accounts Administrator

After all the hard work, everyone loves to get paid, and Leslie is one of the persons who make that happen. She does the payroll, schedules vacations, and makes announcements to the staff. Admitting that she was shy at first about speaking before a large number of people, Leslie said because of the relaxed atmosphere she has been able to overcome this.

She also makes time to look after the human needs of the employees at DiscoveryWorks, noting that having a listening ear always makes them function better.

l Rebecca Francois

– 9 years

Unit Manager

Rebecca manages about 30 bibliograghic coders and quality control personnel. Her responsibility is to make sure that everyone has sufficient work to do, and that they keep focused. Rebecca believes in motivating her workers and believes in DiscoveryWorks’ method of rewarding employees for their achievement with monthly bonuses and certificates. She stressed, “Once you have the potential nothing will keep you back; you just have to keep a positive attitude.”

l Joanne Richardson

– 9 years

Accounts Administrator

Her goal is to see over 300 persons get employment at Discovery Works, and with a background in Human Resource Management, Joanne has helped to select some of the most diligent persons that who are now employed at the company.

Joanne has looked for not only persons who can do the job, but for those who interact well with others. Joanne, who has a bubbly personality, noted that working at the company is fun and that there is always training available for employees.

l Londa Anderson-Veira

– 9 years

Validations Manager

Londa’s job is to make sure that all the data leaving the company is accurate. Her department gives that final check after the coding and quality control of projects. Because of the importance of her job, she and the 16 persons who work with her are some of the most experienced at what they do.

She explained, “If the clients have problems with the work, the Validations get the blame, so we have to be familiar with the documents that pass through.”

A cheerleader at heart, Londa said that her Validations department has the team spirit which makes them work in unison for the same goal.

l Faye Yorke

– 7 years

Validations Support

Fay tries to get the work done on schedule in the best possible way. There are time lines which have to be maintained on a day to day basis. Depending on what project has to go out, certain things have to be done at certain times.

Before working with DiscoveryWorks, Fay had never done anything like it so it was an eye-opening experience. She started on the evening shift, which, according to Fay, is something that young people need to get into especially when they are just out of college and wondering what to do. She would like to see the company expand more and stay here for years.

l Selma Davis

– 9 years

Coding Manager

She loves what she does and it shows, but as a Coding Manager, Selma’s only regret is that there aren’t places in the country where she could improve her skills in Coding.

Grateful for the training that DiscoveryWorks continues to provide, Selma believes that one of the reasons she is still working at the company is her ability to always put her best foot forward. She explained, “If you put me to clean the building I will be the best cleaner that you would ever find; that’s what I believe in.”