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Jessamy is General Manager-DiscoveryWorks Legal

Jessamy is General Manager-DiscoveryWorks Legal


Kevin has been doing this type of work for the last 10 years of his life. as a 32-year-old he was employed by the then NetData services Ltd as Project Manager. He has spent the last 5 years working for that company in a management position.


The General Manager sees himself as being very close to the employees of DiscoveryWorks and thinks that as a manager, developing your team is one of the key aspects of success.

His day normally starts out with checks to see what project they have to complete. The company’s line of work is very time constrained, as their clients want high quality products in minimum time.

Their clients are some of the largest law firms in the US who would send that project in today and expect it to be completed by tomorrow.

His job is a high pressure one, but because of their adequate staffing and outstanding team, they have been able to meet and exceed all of their customers’ requirements.

One of Kevin’s main challenges is to find employees to fill the second shift. The company has engaged private vehicles to take employees home after the evening shift in order to encourage persons to apply.

The General Manager stated that Discovery Works is on the map in SVG and they are one of the largest private sector employers in the country. In the next year they will be increasing the size of their team.