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DiscoveryWorks gets second chance


by Ken Varallo, President of DiscoveryWorks – opening of new

St. Vincent and the Grenadines office

Our Chief Executive Officer Harry DeBari could not attend because of a family emergency. He asked me to share these thoughts with you:

There are few times in life that you are afforded second chances:

l To finish work undone;

l Realize your full potential.

That’s truly today’s story.

Harry DeBari started the company in 1996 as NetData. In 1998, the US-based company, along with the Vincentian operations was sold. A year and a half later the new company experienced major changes. Over the next 5 years the company underwent additional ownership changes and uncertainties.

In 2003, Harry was approached to purchase the company back. Within one month the deal was done and DiscoveryWorks SVG got it’s second chance.

We stand here today, 2 years later, at the start of a new beginning, with two years of:

l Dedicated work;

l Substantial capital investment;

l Realizing the potential of the Vincentian workforce.

We are able to open this state-of-the-art facility. It is a top notch work environment with

l Proper lighting;

l Air conditioning;

l Backup power generator;

l Backup water supplies;

l Redundant electrical transformers.

We invested over $1 Million EC to accommodate growing work force.

Today we are 200 persons strong with a new facility, a new beginning, a second chance.

This will enable us to grow the workforce to 300 persons and beyond.

DiscoveryWorks is committed to opportunities for the best and brightest that St. Vincent and the Caribbean have to offer.

The commitment of both our Vincentian and US-based staff has made this facility possible and helped position us as a tough competitor in a fiercely competitive world marketplace.

Thanks again for joining us at this very special occasion and for the second chance.