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Getting rid of bed bugs – Cimese Hemipterus


Bed bugs are present everywhere especially in countries with tropical climate like St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

There was a time when bed bugs were rampant here to the point where they were seen walking out of people’s clothing and other personal items.{{more}}

Bed bugs are parasites of man, poultry and other mammals feeding on their blood. Bed bugs cause intense itching.

The bed bug plays a very minor role, if any, in the transmission of disease to human being. However, the presence of bed bugs may lead to nervous illness in sensitive people.

The bite of a bed bug produces a small, hard swelling or weal, whitish in colour, which may even be accompanied by an accumulation of fluid or inflammation.

Bed bugs are also objected to because of their characteristics and unpleasant smell. This may be due to the odour from a stink gland, which the adult emits when disturbed and the smell of the excreta of the bugs especially in damp conditions.

Bed bugs have been found in many living quarters such as hotels, cinemas, buses, trucks, prisons, restrooms, mattresses, and bed stands.

Where two (2) bedrooms adjoin, it is quite possible that bugs may travel from one room to another and cause new infestation especially in poorly built houses.

Bed bugs travel for only short distances and are found near their source of food.

Persons can know when they have bed bugs by the presence of the excreta spots, bites, odour or the presence of clusters of eggs. The eggs are white although they may often be soiled by the bug’s excreta.

To control bed bug, the entire area of infestation must be treated with non-residual insecticide such as pyrethrin aerosol formulation. After treatment the bedding or mattresses should be aired and dried completely before being covered with clean sheets.

Prepared by The Insect Vector Control Unit.