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Confessions of a teenage girl – final episode


Jamal had denied that he released in me but when I first missed my period I bought the pregnancy test. It was obvious that he had lied to me because I am quite sure the Test wasn’t lying. I told Jamal and he treated me like a stranger. The one who once seemed so caring and loving wasn’t anymore; he became cold towards me.{{more}}

We hadn’t spoken for weeks. I failed my exams. I started feeling really sick. The sight of the HIV/AIDS prevention advertisements on T.V. revived vivid memories in my mind and feelings of deep regret. I eventually told my parents who were furious about my deception and my not talking to them about my situation before. It was decided that I must be tested.

So that’s the sum total of my situation and the reason I am here reminiscing and at this stage plagued by trauma. In the midst of my thoughts, “Miss Ruby Diamond,” said the nurse. I jumped immediately at the sound of my name, my palms sweaty, my heart in my throat and my mind still questioning. The doctor told me to sit before his little speech on HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancy. Everything he was saying was going through one ear and out the other until he started. “Well I would like to believe that you know you are pregnant, Miss Diamond” I nodded fully well knowing I was. He then said, “Most importantly you have been tested negative for HIV/AIDS and you should realize how lucky you are,” said Doc.

All I heard was negative, nothing else; my eyes filled with tears of joy. The hardest part was over though there were still challenging times ahead. My advice to teens is to ABSTAIN! AIDS is prevalent and your life is too precious to be shattered by this disease. Pregnancy may put a halt on your life and you have a life full of dreams and opportunities ahead. Live your life to the fullest, don’t get caught up in any trauma. Love is not based on sex; sex can wait!