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Confessions of a Teenage Girl


Trust?? What trust? There was none in the heat of the moment and I was gullible and stupid to fall for it.

Foreplay was extremely intense and my body became weak and a feeling of helplessness filled me. My rebuttal was weak. All I stammered at that stage was a simple sentence reminding him of my innocence. What had I gotten myself into? {{more}} I had never in my life felt so much pleasure and pain at once. I began to cry silently and he wiped my tears away and whispered those magical words, “I love you.” Without even thinking my response was likewise.

Engaging in this new and exciting activity was the order of the day until I realized what time it was.

On my return home at 4 o’clock in the afternoon my parents were furious and worried because in all of it my phone was off.

Here my deceptive persuasion was an absolute aid and they apologized for being angry at me. I had lunch and then went to shower-this is where fear gripped me and the reality of my situation really kicked in. Blood was imprinted on my undergarments and I had had unprotected sex. I began to think of the consequences of my actions that day. They seemed insurmountable. What if he was cheating? What if he had a STI or even worse the deadly AIDS? My parents would surely kill me if they only found out what I had been up to that day and with my upcoming exams my situation proved devastating.

To be continued next week.

• SVG Girl Guide Association Junior Council.