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Tribute to Dr. Earle Kirby


by Dr. Godwin Friday

I wish also Mr. Speaker to join with the members on the other side, the Hon. Minister of Tourism in expressing my condolences on behalf of the members on this side of the House to the family of Dr. Earle Kirby.

I never knew Dr. Kirby personally that is to talk to, or hold a conversation but I remember as a youngster going to school here, in St. Vincent seeing Dr. Kirby scurrying about Kingstown in his short pants and heavy spectacles, he always seemed so preoccupied, you always wondered what he was up to. {{more}}

In my own sort of knowledge of him, I regarded him as an archaeologist, someone who whenever I thought of Carib or Amerindian petroglyphs I thought of Dr. Kirby, and that is the perception I have of him, the Honourable Minister of Tourism outlined in greater detail some of his achievements and accomplishments and I am sure Mr. Speaker, that people throughout the country as a whole will reflect on his contribution, and regard him as an outstanding Vincentian.

One who was dedicated to his scholarship and to unearthing things about the past to give us, the people of the present a sense of belonging, a sense of the future.

So on behalf of the members on this side of the House, we wish to extend out condolences to his family and we wish them God’s speed.