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Leslie Grant – I stayed the course

Leslie Grant – I stayed the course


by Leslie Grant

For the last quarter of a century, Cuba has played a pivotal role in providing tertiary education for many of St. Vincent’s prominent professionals. Being among the earliest graduates of the system, I can proudly attest to the quality of academia afforded those who accept the opportunity.

In 1983 I along with four other Vincentians accepted the challenge in the face of mass negative criticisms.{{more}} Among the sentiments echoed by the general public the more popular of them were the questions surrounding the validity of the degree and its usefulness in obtaining me work experience in my country. Despite the negative comments I stayed the course and graduated with a degree in Agronomy and am now General Manager of the St. Vincent Banana Growers Association. Each of the remaining members have all gone on to etch their names in the log of outstanding professional achievement in St. Vincent and Grenadines.

I would by no means attempt to delude prospective recipients of the scholarship that the transition is easy, given the cultural and language differences between the two countries. However adaptation will depend heavily on the individual’s determination in achieving the ultimate goal, academic advancement. Furthermore, the opportunity lends itself for one to become bilingual, thus making oneself more marketable.

Being a strong subscriber to the belief that all Vincentians are capable of academic success, I therefore endorse the scholarship program to Cuba and I encourage all to take any scholarship opportunity afforded to them.

Leslie Grant, from Park Hill, graduated from the University of Camaguey, Cuba in 1989 with a Licentiatura in Agronomy. He is today the General Manager of the St. Vincent Banana Growers’ Association.