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Cuba, a school in every sense

Cuba, a school in every sense


by Dr. Rowena Derrick

I was amongst the first group of seven students granted free scholarships officially accepted by the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines from the Government of Cuba. The year was 1992, a period of time in history when Cuba was found weakened economically and forced to effect many changes in its system due to the fall of the socialist field in countries of Eastern Europe (the Soviet Union, Democratic Republic of Germany, Bulgaria, Poland etc.). There is only one word that can be used to describe my experience after spending eleven years there – UNIQUE.{{more}}

Cuba served as a school in all senses; there are many experiences that I can relate. The first being that we had the privilege to live in flesh and blood a part of what will be written in history books in future years. But, in my mind will always prevail pleasant memories of excellent and concerned professors, friendly classmates and co-workers who taught and encouraged me to develop professionalism, duty, love and respect when dealing with my patients.

I believe that as we celebrate these 25 years of relationship in our educational development, we bring to the forefront our eternal gratitude for the possibility given to us by the Cuban government. The best way of demonstrating this would be to strive to be better each day at what we do; to give our best in whatever sector that we may find ourselves and to wish many more years of life to President Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz. It is he who, leading his people, has unselfishly helped and continues to help many countries of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

• Dr. Rowena Derrick, from Cane Hall, is an Anesthesiologist and Senior Registrar at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. She studied medicine and specialized in anesthesiology at the University of Havana’s School of Medicine.