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Rats, Mice are a menace


At one time, rats and mice were afraid of humans but today they are not.

Rats and mice can be seen in places occupied by humans. They eat the same food that we do. We have rats and mice in our homes because of unsanitary conditions, such as open garbage bins, food scraps in drains or around animal pens, high vegetation and easy access to food, water and shelter.{{more}}

Rats generally live close to where the sources of food are easily accessible. Rats and mice transmit their deadly disease via urine, saliva and faeces. These deadly diseases include leptospirosis, murine typhus and salmonellosis.

As rats eat, their teeth grow. Once we have knowledge of rats and mice we can control them. Here are a few things you should know;

1) Rats are generally nocturnal (active during night).

2) Rats and mice run in corners of buildings.

3) Rats and mice like to eat.

4) Mice are nibblers.

5) Rats are big eaters.

6) Rats and mice prefer grains, nuts, potatoes and cheese.

7) Rats can adjust easily to any environment.

8) Rats and mice are excellent climbers.

Signs of Rodents are:

A. Droppings.

B. Rub marks.

C. Gnawing on materials such as wood.

D. Sighting of a live rat or mice.

E. Spillage of food.

To get rid of rodents it is important that good sanitation be practiced. Ensure that;

1. All garbage bins have a tight fitting cover.

2. Remove all food scraps from drains and around animal trays.

3. Cut vegetation around yard or house.

4. Rat proof buildings using solid smooth materials.

5. Cut overhanging trees.

Rats are menace to the community, let’s get rid of them now.

• (Submitted by the Vector Control Unit)