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Richards twins savour paradise

Richards twins savour paradise


Imagine hearing about paradise for years and never visiting it, well this was the life of twin sisters Kianna and Kevrina Richards until now.

The 12-year-olds for the first time came to St.Vincent and the Grenadines with their Vincentian mother Sheron Jackson who has after 14 years come back to her homeland. {{more}}

Kianna who wants to be a veterinarian, said that her stay was fun and the country is better than she thought it would be. “It is more fun to do stuff. We went to the beach every day. It’s fun in the water. We have beaches back home in New York where we live but it is dirty.” She also expressed pleasure at visiting the Botanical Gardens that she said is beautiful, with the flowers and the birds that say hello.

Younger twin Kevrina, with a shy smile said that hearing about St.Vincent & the Grenadines in the Caribbean, she thought that it would be very hot but it was still cool and breezy. She however said that her only problem was the mosquito bites she received when she just arrived. The youngster, who wants to be an engineer, said that she liked the agouti found in the Botanical Gardens zoo and thought that they were cute. She also expressed concern over the hilly terrain of the country, which was quite different to the flat commuting areas of New York.

They both wished that their stay could be longer so that they could explore other areas of the country and were also impressed by the way that their family members welcomed them with open arms.

Their mother Sheron, said that after working in the USA for 14 years to make things better for her family, felt it was time to take a break and came back home to St.Vincent, so that her daughters would know their culture. “They needed to know their relatives and where they came from. I would like them to go to places like La Soufiere and St. Andrews, but our time was so short. We came on Tuesday August 4 and we are leaving today Friday 12. I really wanted them to know what the country looked like.”

The twins were spurred on to visit after their two older sisters who were born in St.Vincent and came for the Easter holidays. The identical pair attend the IS 96 Seth Low School for gifted children. They have been staying at Layou with their grandmother Stella Almina Myers.